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Christ is risen

Dear Dames and knights, dear friend of our order,

the good news of Easter Festival, which we christian celebrate, is: "Christ is risen". This is an importand symbol of hope for us, that despite disease, war and dead the life wins at the end. For this reasen, Easter Festival should be the reasen for us to spread this hope for a life with healthness and peace. Let us request the Holy Spirit, that he stimulate politician and ruler to fullfill this hope.

This year we`ll have an Investiture of new knights and dames and we celebrate a Festive Banquet with our friends. So we take a stand for hope and friendship.

The peace of god be with us. In this sense we wish you happy Easter.

In the name of the government of the order

Peter Moos

Erfurt, April 14, 2022
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Season’s Greetings

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Honoured Friends of our Order,

Within a few days, it’s Christmas and the old year is drawing to an end. 

2021 was a year full of hope and worrying. Unfortunately, many wishes have not come true. The Corona pandemic has also cancelled many of our activities.

Nevertheless: progress and results of our Chapter’s Council meeting have demonstrated we want to cherish our communal spirit in our community. This is nothing to be taken for granted but to be grateful for.

Therefore, we do not want to give up hope that the New Year 2022 will see a new beginning. There will be a lot of news at our General Convention from June10 to 12, 2022, in Erfurt.

In this sense, I wish us all a blessed Christmas and a good start for the year 2022.  


Karl-Heinz Kindervater
Grand Master


Translated from the German by York R. Buttler, Honorary Commander of

CBdSE Office Rhineland


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Pentecostal Greetings

Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Order,


Honoured Friends of our Order,



Within a few days, Christians all over the world will celebrate Pentecost – the feast of the Holy Spirit.


Since the events in Jerusalem, the workings of the Holy Spirit, there has been the Church (churches)


for almost 2000 years worldwide, with all its differences, shortcomings and contradictions. But it has been alive and renews itself, ever since again and again.


For our Order, the Holy Sprit has been our name’s patron. Remembering its workings can be of benefit in our times.


The Corona pandemic has made it clear to us how important community is for us. Modern media can help to bridge distances but cannot replace personal contact.


A community like ours lives on personal exchanges.


With great pain we experienced renouncing to two General Conventions.


We are grateful for communicating in small groups.


Dear Members and Friends of our Order,


As it appears, we can look into the future with more confidence. Step by step, more contacts will be possible.


I would like to encourage all members of our Order to engage in get-togethers  after the pandemic as soon as possible.


2000 years ago, a small group of fearful Jesus friends turned into a great world- spanning community within a few centuries. Thanks to the Holy Spirit. This we should be aware of at Pentecost 2021,too, as members of the Order of the Holy Spirit.


With confidence and joy we can celebrate Pentecost. My sincere wish to us all.


With fraternal greetings


Your Grand Master



Karl-Heniz Kindervater


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On the Turn of the Year

Dear Dames, Knights, Friends of our Order,


I am sure that 2020 will remain in our memories forever. Who has ever thought of a small virus bringing the whole world out of joint? All areas of human life on earth have been affected by the Corona pandemic.


The economy has been slowed down or blocked as are the schools and the cultural realm. People meeting in many associations or institutions has been restricted or has become impossible. Personal communication can take place only sparsely.

Our annual main soiree planned in grand style fell prey to the pandemic. Everything had been planned in detail: welcome evening in the Augustine Monastery, service with the bishop in the cathedral, reception at the Thuringia State Chancellery and a big public ball in the historic Emperors Hall (Kaisersaal) .

Socializing in the Order has been restrained to small get-togethers this year.

For the first time for decades, the days of advent und Christmas as well as the turn of the years will be very quiet in Erfurt. No Christmas markets, no Christmas parties &c.

What will life be like in 2021?

We may be full of hope because vaccines have been developed against Corona worldwide. In the international relations, many things seem to be on the bright side.

In the Middle Ages, the time of Advent was a time of fasting and repentance (turning back). It was meant to prepare for the fest of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Perhaps we can make use of the Advent time 2020 to give some thoughts to what values are important in our lives. We also should consider what is valuable for our Order und what we can do without.

The message of the angels in the story of Christmas reads: “Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

I wish for all of us to personally experience this message.

A blessed Advent and Christmastime and a good start into the New Year!

OB Karl-Heinz Kindervater                                                                                                                          Erfurt in December 2020

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