Christ is risen

Dear Dames and knights, dear friend of our order,

the good news of Easter Festival, which we christian celebrate, is: "Christ is risen". This is an importand symbol of hope for us, that despite disease, war and dead the life wins at the end. For this reasen, Easter Festival should be the reasen for us to spread this hope for a life with healthness and peace. Let us request the Holy Spirit, that he stimulate politician and ruler to fullfill this hope.

This year we`ll have an Investiture of new knights and dames and we celebrate a Festive Banquet with our friends. So we take a stand for hope and friendship.

The peace of god be with us. In this sense we wish you happy Easter.

In the name of the government of the order

Peter Moos

Erfurt, April 14, 2022
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General Assembly and Annual Soiree 2022

The General Assembly with Knighting Ceremony and the Annual Soiree takes place from June the 10th to June the 12th 2022 in Erfurt.

The Church Service with Knighting Ceremony we celebrate June the 11th at 15 h in the Cathedral St. Marien of Erfurt and we have the honor that His Excellence auxiliary bishop Doctor Reinhard Hauke will be part of the ceremony.

The invitation with all informations will be send in the next days.

Peter Moos
Erfurt, February 24th 2022

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Season’s Greetings

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Honoured Friends of our Order,

Within a few days, it’s Christmas and the old year is drawing to an end. 

2021 was a year full of hope and worrying. Unfortunately, many wishes have not come true. The Corona pandemic has also cancelled many of our activities.

Nevertheless: progress and results of our Chapter’s Council meeting have demonstrated we want to cherish our communal spirit in our community. This is nothing to be taken for granted but to be grateful for.

Therefore, we do not want to give up hope that the New Year 2022 will see a new beginning. There will be a lot of news at our General Convention from June10 to 12, 2022, in Erfurt.

In this sense, I wish us all a blessed Christmas and a good start for the year 2022.  


Karl-Heinz Kindervater
Grand Master


Translated from the German by York R. Buttler, Honorary Commander of

CBdSE Office Rhineland


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Light in Darkness by Msgr. PhDr. Ortwin Gebauer

The Christmas season makes us focus on the heartening good news of the angel: ”Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord”. (Lk 10,11)


Filled with the steadfast faith of our Church bearing this good news of joy throughout times, I write you these lines. God turned human seeks community with his people. He does not leave them behind alone in darkness, need and sorrow and does not keep out of the history of the world, neither your nor my story of life.


There might be some who quarrel with their fate who, in hindsight, think: life has not kept what it once promised. They must have had bitter experiences not having attained what they had planned or are not on speaking terms with God or their neighbour living next door.


There are many things in our life we could not cope with. We humbly should admit this and not shy away from the truth – especially these days. For Christmas wants to remind us that despite all this we are not alone.


If we think that our fate is especially severe and nobody understands us and when sometimes we are a puzzle to ourselves and even frightened of ourselves: the child from Bethlehem does not let us down, but loves us, seeks us and wants to be close to us. Christ shows us the way which gives meaning to each station in life but also to the years of old age when loss of strength increases and the pinnacle of life has long gone by.  


Christmas is like a “keyhole through which light shines from our eternal home to our dark path on earth”.  (F.v.Bodelschwingh)


The Son of God descended into our night so that we can reach his bright light. This brings great joy!

No matter where we celebrate Christmas: with family or alone, on duty or on holiday, in days of happiness or melancholy memories.

There is a personal message for everybody:” Today unto you is born your Saviour!”

In this spirit I wish you, your family, dependents and friends, and all who are close to your heart, the grace, peace and joy of Christmas with God’s rich blessing for the New Year.


Translated from the German by York R. Buttler, Honorary Commander of the CBdSE Office



December 2021    


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